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Indoor Air Quality Testing
By Appointment Only




Petri Dish Test Kit with microbiological

This Simple DIY Kit is for you to do in the privacy of your own home.  Directions Included. Does not provide accredited lab certification or chain of custody.




Mold Test     1 day

Inspirotec performs a highly sensitive test for the presence of actively growing mold suspended in air.

A vast majority of mold species have beta glucan as a part of their cell walls, spores, and as smaller particulate matter emitted into the air by germinating and growing molds. These smaller particles are more likely to remain airborne longer and penetrate deep into the lungs. This is the mold that could be hidden behind walls and portentially make their way into the bloodstream.

We recommend this as a general assesment of your home, if you find high levels of mold with this test there are additonal testing options available for further diagnosis.

Inspirotec lab is the only lab in the country offering this specific mold test.





Mycotoxin Assessment   5 Days

This tests for 4 different mycotoxins including: Trichothecene, Ochratoxin, Aflatoxin, Fumonisin.

  • Mycotoxins are toxic compounds naturally produced by certain types of molds this can be especially dangerous to sensitized individuals.

Inspirotec is the only lab in the country performing airborne mycotoxin analysis testing.




Powdery Mildew Panel     Days

Our state-of-the art testing identifies 4 of the most common species of powdery mildew effecting cannabis crops: Erysiphe Necator, Govinomyces ambrosia, Golvinomyces spedicius, and Podesphaera xanthii.

  • This test will ensure you your crops are growing safely and provide ongoing assurance there is no presence of powdery mildew.




 SARS-CoV-2 Test

  2 Days

This specific test will analyze for the prescense of SARS-CoV-2, the virus known as COVID-19. This will give you a result of if SARS-CoV-2 was present during the sampling run time.


Fur Particles Allergy


Comprehensive Allergy and Mold Assessment

    5 Days

f you are looking for a total reading of an indoor air enviornment this Comprehensive Allergen & Mold Assessment is your answer.

This panel detects Allergens, Beta Glucan and Mycotoxins.


PSP kit[1].JPG


DIY  IAQ PSP Assessment Kit

This IAQ Assessment Kit is designed to help homeowners assess their environment through the Test-Assess-Remedy process. 

When you purchased this kit, you will automatically be connected to a NORMI Professional Screening Partner (PSP) who has been specifically trained to help you complete this analysis and draw conclusions regarding recommendations to improve the indoor air quality of your specific environment. 

Assessment Kit Includes: 

  • Assessment Booklet (full-color, 34 pages, all needed paperwork)

  • One mold swab and one dust wipe

  • Complete Instructions

  • One IAQ Survey Brochure

  • Register Samples Online (lab fees included)

  • One pre-paid FedEx Shipping Label

  • Pair of Gloves 





Mold Test  General Assessment     1 Day

This test will detect 7 types of mold genera: Stachybotrys, Fusarium, Memnoniella, Trichoderma, Chaetonium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus fumigatus

  • There are 5 molds that are considered zero tolerance molds. They can be highly toxic to some individuals, and if found they require immediate remediation. These 5 molds are: Stachybotrys, Fusarium, Memnoniella, Trichoderma, Chaetonium.

  • Penicillium includes over 300 species of mold.

  • Aspergillus fumigatus is the most common cause of aspergillosis. Exposure can lead to severe infection in immunocompromised individuals.

Inspirotec lab is the only lab in the country offering this specific mold genera assay.




Total Mold Panel     5 Day

If you have concerns about mold in your indoor environment this is the most comprehensive test on the market.  This three-in-one test will give you a full reading of your clients indoor air environment.

  • AirAnswers Total Mold Panel will include: beta glucan testing, mold genera, and mycotoxin tests. This can be analyzed all from one cartridge.




Allergens Panel   5 Days

The allergens panel is important especially for clients concerned about their respiratory health. This test can detect the ultra-fine harmful allergen particles floating in the air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • This test will detect 8 allergens (including 3 pollens): mouse allergen, dust mite allergen, roach allergen, cat allergen, dog allergen, Ragweed pollen, Timothy Grass Pollen, and Birch Pollen. 

  • Inspirotec’s proprietary dust mite assay includes 11 domestic and multiple storage mite species.




Allergens and Beta Glucan Mold Panel     5 Days

This test panel will detect 3 different pollens (Ragweed pollen, Timothy Grass Pollen & Birch Pollen), mouse, dust mite, roach, cat and dog allergen and the invisible active growing mold known as beta glucan.

***The materials offered through the DIY kits is for informational purposes only. By using any DIY materials purchased, you assume all risks for the material covered. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend DIY Projects, products and materials and Creating Health, LLC

T/A Environmental Purification Co from any and all claims and damages as a result of any and all of the information covered.

By taking and/or using any informational resources from DIY Projects, you agree that you will use this information in a safe and legal manner, consistent with all applicable laws, safety rules, and good common sense. You further agree that you will take such steps as may be reasonably necessary or required by applicable law to keep any information out of the hands of minors and untrained and/ or immature individuals.

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