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  • Is this proven for infection control?
    Yes, NASA certified ActivePure is proven in University Studies and FDA certified lab testing resulting in up to 99.9999% elimination of pathogens in air and on surfaces. Aerus, a parent company of Vollara, annoucing their Hydroxly Blaster with Active Pure Technology Kills 99.98% of SARS-COV-2 Virus on Surface within 7 hours.
  • Is it hard to install?
    AIR & SURFACE PRO is ready to run, right out of the box, just place and plug in to power. Touch screen power button to turn on.
  • What’s the maintenance?
    Because AIR & SURFACE PRO repels particles away, the unit stays clean with periodic rinsing of a washable screen. Auto reminder comes on front bottom screen when need for cleaning.
  • What about filters?
    Air & Surface Pro comes with optional HEPA/charcoal filters installed for added protection. Can be vacuumed as needed. Replace is needed depending on environment. Air & Surface Pro+ has ceramic place to be cleaned as needed. Instruction manual for cleaning comes with purchase.
  • Where is best placement location?
    Central location with good air flow, scrubbing molecules travel via air flow, can be placed low or on a shelf as molecules are cast out from top. Best to run 24/7, very energy efficient. Tip: Sleep better with AIR SURFACE PRO in bedroom.
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee?
    Yes, three-year limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Where does it ship from?
    Ships from the Aerus Electrolux factory in Bristol, VA USA, and is usually delivered via UPS ground.
  • Who do I call for customer service or tracking?
    Environmental Purification Co. 856-293-0355
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